Luminaries February “Take Flight” Tour
  • LU-TakeFlight-Tour

    Luminaries “Take Flight” through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, which youth performances at schools in South Dakota. If your in the areas, see the dates, and event links below. Big love!

    Luminaries “Take Flight” Tour: Feb. 14th – 24th

    Feb. 14th – Love Mob – San Diego, CA

    Feb. 15th – Denver Chant Fest – Denver, CO

    Feb. 16th – Pac 3 – Carbondale, CO


    Feb. 17th – CSL – Denver, CO


    Feb. 21st – TBA – Albuquerque, NM  

    Feb. 22nd – The Green Room – Flagstaff, AZ


    Feb. 23rd – The Raw Living Expo – Sedona, AZ


    Feb. 24th – Yoga Rocks The Park – Phoenix, AZ

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