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    Lu·mi·nary: noun 1. a body or conduit that gives light 2. a person who is an inspiration to others

    Formed in Venice Beach California, and immersed in one of the most culturally diverse communities in LA, arises the heart driven, and service orientated Hip Hop emissaries of peace, the Luminaries. From the underground parties in “Dogtown” to the biggest festival stages on the west coast, the Luminaries have now taken their message international and crowds everywhere sing along the anthem, “Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside!”

    The band sees themselves as more than just musicians, but as catalysts for change. Each member having played the role of teacher, social worker, and activist, from working with homeless youth to defending the nation’s largest urban community garden, The South Central Farm. Luminaries embody the power of service, and do so of course through their inspirational live performances that leave audiences rejuvenated from the soul, down to the cellular level.

    Luminaries bring an amazing live show that’s reminiscent of the golden era of Hip Hop, fused with a soulful, electro, live band, funk filled experience! Luminaries create a soundscape of Hip Hop mantras inviting audiences to participate in the connectivity of one another while going ecstatic on the dance floor!

    Luminaries are no strangers to a large audience. Over the past couple years they have played around the festival circuit with such grand concert events as Bali Spirit Festival, Harmony Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision, Art Outside, Rootwire, Beloved Festival, and Earthdance, sharing the stage with some of the hottest acts of the moment, including Michael Franti, K ‘Naan, The Glitch Mob, Matisyahu and Trevor Hall,Nahko, as well as time-tested vets like KRS-ONE, Brother Ali, STS9 and even India Arie.

    In 2011, Luminaries were invited as global ambassadors by Sister Cities International to participate in a 2 week tour through Palestine and Israel promoting peace. The crew visited youth centers, college students, and political dignitaries sharing their cultural philosophies, while preforming concerts including the widely attended Taybeh Music Festival. The group is intending to release a documentary film about their experience entitled “When The People Lead” and return to the region in 2017.

    Currently, the band is in the production with their 2nd full-length album “Seconds of Solace”, while growing their fan base with nationwide bookings. The Luminaries also produce their own events in Los Angeles under their production, and music label emblem Lu Fam Pro. Their largely successful weekly event “Luminous Movement” has brought new life to the Los Angeles nightlife scene and has created opportunities for a variety of artists to share their gifts. Continue on this journey and keep up with the crew at  



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