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    In 2011 the Luminaries and Citizen Diplomacy Initiatives united together as part of a peace delegation through the Middle East on a journey to explore Palestine and Israel. Our experience forever changed our lives and we are now on a mission share our story with the world.

    It’s our intention to raise $24,500 to complete a documentary film called “When The People Lead” about our travels to the region, and to help bring awareness to solutions for the challenges that hinder the families of this war torn region.

    We are the Luminaries, a conscious Hip Hop collective from Venice Beach, California. We’ve dedicated 10 years of collaboration with the mission to bring a message of peace, love, justice and unity to the world through our recordings and touring efforts. We’ve written numerous songs we send out as mantras including “Peace”, “Be The Change”, “Show The World” , “Free Energy” and many more. One day in late 2011, the phone rang, with someone inquiring about using one of those songs in a documentary about about a sister city organization from Gainesville, Florida, involved in a three-way cultural exchange and citizen diplomacy in Israel and Palestine. We talked, took a trip to perform in Florida, and a couple months later,,, we were on a plane to Tel Aviv! We had the fortunate opportunity to join that organization – known as Citizen Diplomacy Initiatives – as part of a joint delegation, to share, learn, and document our journey into Palestine and Israel.

    During our stay in the Middle East we met countless children and families who shared their adversities, students from across the region who were affected by the day-to-day trauma of war, and we encountered many common folk who just want to see the tensions of the Israeli and Palestinian people cease. As you may know, The People of that part of the world have endured tremendous challenges, indifferences, and constant conflict for quite some time. We would like to share the riveting story of what we experienced by creating a feature film documentary that we intend to be featured in theaters & homes all around the world. We hope this film, and the music that accompanies it, will bring broad awareness to this situation, and inspire others to join us in helping bring light to the suffering and encouragement to people to have the compassion, dedication, and action required for justice. Join Luminaries and the Citizens Diplomacy Initiative on our mission to help build real world, face-to-face bridges in the region, based on our common love of peace, athletics, music, art, and the desire for justice and healing.

    Your contributions can make a huge difference! Be the change by supporting this peacemaking project and join the movement of co-creating a more peaceful, just and loving world! heart emoticon

    “Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside” – Luminaries



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