Art Outside is a unique three day festival combining visual and interactive art, performance, film, as well as a wide range of music bridging genres, from bluegrass to experimental, hip-hop to dance music. Art Outside started with the idea to bring art out of the gallery and into a unique setting where different forms of art can connect and be enjoyed by all.

    The festival takes place at Apache Pass.  This site features hundreds of acres of grassy camping areas and lush pecan trees scattered throughout.  There will be facilities for showering, bathrooms, potable water, communal commons, and access to charging stations for your various electronic devices. 

    Every year, artists from all over the world bring their works and their presence to Art Outside. From dancers to painters to new media makers – Art Outside is teeming with creativity of all forms. You are sure to meet some of the most talented and amazing artists here.

     Members of the press, our goal is to help you get the story.  Art Outside has a rich history, world class performances, magical art installations, and provides a setting where artist and guests alike can interact to share their passion and creativity. There is so much interesting stuff that you are sure to find a story that will connect with your audience.

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