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    The Zen Cruise is a a powerful transformational journey at sea celebrating mindfulness and creative potential through music, yoga and the healing arts.

    Fall in love with life. As we explore ourselves through movement, yoga, wisdom classes and other transformational processes, as we journey deep into the core of our own essence in sacred ceremony, sound vibration and meditation, and as we engage in deep conversation and celebration, we become stronger as individuals and as a collective.

    Come together in conscious community and celebrate the potential within each one of us to transform ourselves and our world.

    Join us on this sacred journey…


    Come sail with us to Belize and Cozumel February 1-6th, 2014 on Royal Caribbean’s fabulous Liberty of the Seas out of South Florida! Each day is filled with insightful and transformative presenters and offerings, including sacred excursions through Belize and Cozumel. At night, we play, with electrifying musical performances, dancing, private cocktail parties, late-night conscious carry-ons, sound healing, spiritual cinema and much more.

    Experience world-class yoga, profound workshops, ecstatic dance, soul-thriving live and electronic music, sacred ceremonies, inspirational experiences and a nourishing conscious community.

    Immerse yourself in body, mind and heart as you relax, connect, expand and celebrate this beautiful life on The Zen Cruise.

    The Zen Cruise is perfect for retreats, reunions, teachings, and other gatherings

    Join us for an unforgettable experience!
    Twitter: @TheZenCruise
    G+: /TheZencruise

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