Luminaries set to play at the Believe Freedom Festival in Whistler Canada at the Olympic Park!
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    The Rhythm of Life 

    Rhythm and dance have long been part of our culture. Like language, painting or poetry, music is an art, a form of expression that represents the human race. Art captures time and evokes a deep emotional state; it stimulates your senses and sparks memories. In its finest form, it should be viewed as the culmination of our knowledge and experience combined with the inspiration and skills of the producer. Essentially it portrays our progression as individuals but collectively it retains the culture of our species. 

    For us as intellectual beings, it is only natural to seek out new intelligent solutions to the problems and mundanities of life. The progression of music, like all the arts can be attributed to that same desire to achieve and overcome. Improved techniques taught over millennia, from the African Djembefola “who gave the drum a voice” to the cutting edge sounds of live electronic synthesisers, music has made its way into all of our psyches. Indeed it is woven into the tapestry of the philosophy and theology of our civilization. It serves as a message passed through the ages which remains essentially pure, a method of communication to our collective conscience, never tainted by time or passage. In contemplation art can be considered a connection to our past and a blank canvas on which to inspire future generations. 


    Return To The Source

    Today as a society we face many complex issues but most of us continue unaware and disengaged. We live in a kind of collective hallucination with no deep connection to the past, each other or any real understanding of the significance of this disconnection. Our urban lifestyles are fast paced and pressured, so we subscribe to a barrage of modern conveniences but essentially they distract us from what is really important. Indeed, some of the challenges of modern living are retaining a connection to our communities and the natural world. 

    A new global consciousness is emerging, an awareness of our surroundings and the importance of wise choices in all aspects of our lives. We see a future based on balance and in recognition of our core spirit which is to nurture and do no harm, abiding by the principles and laws of nature. Preserving all of creation with the fundamental belief that doing what is right will bear fruit for all. 

    Music and dancing bring us together to help restore this balance. They break down barriers of age, language and ethnicity giving us the ability to understand and learn some of the unique aspects of each other’s culture. 

    You’re all welcome to BELIEVE, a celebration of life, freedom and self expression.


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